The Hormonal Sleep Solution

Master Your Night To Take Back Your Day

It’s time to master your night and take back your sleep with the hormonal sleep solution.

In our day and age, so many people neglect their sleep.

We see person after person, go about bragging on how little sleep they have gotten, and how hard they work.

Although, that’s anything but the truth.

In fact, the live fast die young mentality makes sense, and most people aren't aware that by aiming to work harder and sleep less they are achieving just that.

A Shorter, Worse Quality of Life Existence.

The side effects of less sleep are astounding:

  • Decreased Testosterone
  • Increased Hunger
  • It Becomes Harder To Lose Fat
  • The Inability to Concentrate for Longer Periods Of Time (ADD)
  • Lethargy
  • Incompetence and so much more….

Honestly, the list goes on and on and on.

Sleep is just that important.

In a normal human being, it takes up about ⅓ of your overall life.

Yes, a full third of your life is gone into sleep.

So why not optimize and create a sleep environment that makes the other ⅔ of your life badass and spectacular.

The truth is, it’s not your fault your sleep has been so horrible lately.

Mainstream media projects the image of a successful person being someone who gets little sleep and works hard. Others proclaim that many of our "health" related issues stem from this or that problem only to provide a temporary band-aid fix.

And even worse is the pharmaceutical industry selling Nyquil, Benadryl and Ambien by the 100,000's

The reason that your sleep isn't where it should be is because you've been lied to over and over again.

It's the age-old bait and switch; provide the problem that so many of us have and give us, a made up consumable band-aid "solution" in the form of drugs, creams and therapy we don't need.

You're probably suffering from a racing mind just when you need to get to bed, or right before you fall asleep, it feels like you just got a burst of energy.

Maybe you wake up 2,3,5 or even ten times each night during sleep, or maybe you just don't have the energy you should come even after a solid 9 or 10 HOURS A NIGHT.

Well, it's okay because now there is a way to end all of our problems.

Although there are so many ways that we can stop these problems… forever

Creating a simple system which provides deep, restful sleep is the only way for us to master our sleep truly and take back our night.

So how do we do this?

Well first of, achieving perfect deep sleep is no easy feat, especially when you are starting off with a sleeping problem.

Although after putting in a little effort and metaphorically greasing those palms, we can create a system using a few upgrades to make our sleep effortless and restful.

Using a special breathing method at night, we can learn to silence the mind and activate our parasympathetic nervous systems for bed.

Allowing for a short nap in the middle of the day paired with two “superchargers’ we can ensure that we are highly functioning all day and ready for bed at night (without being tired)

Creating a simple, yet effective nightly routine can make the difference between falling asleep effortlessly or trying and failing every night.

These are just a few of the solutions to how to get rid of pharmaceuticals, the workaholic mentality, and our sleepless states.

Bringing us back to where our ancestors were, with beautiful deep sleep.

But who am I to tell you about sleep?

My name is Austin Floyd; I am a sleep expert, biohacking, health nerd that has gone through the research and created a lifestyle conducive to optimizing everything possible and changing lives.

I've been doing independent research on sleep disorders and how to optimize it for years.

Bringing me to the point of not return.

Now I have to live with incredible sleep every night, never setting an alarm and STILL LIVING MY LIFE.

I not only have achieved effortlessly deep sleep, but by getting it each and every night allowed myself to drop 20 pounds, work harder than ever, and build a life of the utmost quality.

After living with a chaotic mind, in a college dorm, through an animal like a frathouse and still achieving deep, restful sleep throughout, the code has been cracked on how to sleep any and best everywhere.

Regardless of if you live in New York City or Michigan, Dubai or Arizona using the protocols that you will learn will transform your life.

The Hormonal Sleep Solution not only taunts your incredible night's sleep but the ability to finally learn information easily (raising that I.Q. overnight.)

It has made weight seemingly fall off many of my clients and the dreary gray complexion drastically transform to radiant energy and glowing skin.

This program has changed so many lives and hopefully your next.

If you don't believe here's what Trent had to say about the hormonal sleep solution after using it for 4-weeks.

"Why was I stressed, having bad workouts, and low energy levels? I tried fixing so many things to get rid of these issues, and I completely overlooked the real cause. My sleep. Who would have thought that sleeping can completely change how you perform each day, haha? After working with Austin, not only am I sleeping longer, but the quality of my sleep is out of this world! No more laying in bed trying to fall asleep. No more waking up multiple times...I'm sleeping how us humans should be sleeping. Mastering my sleep has allowed me to wake up every single morning ready to conquer my day. Thanks for everything Austin!”

-Trent McCloskey of Ectogain and Kinobody.

His results are commonplace.

So many people don’t realize that their main issue in gaining strength, losing weight, increasing energy, and increasing their quality of life comes out of improving their sleep.

There’s a reason sleep represents ⅓ of your life.

Sleep is used for:

Recovery - Allowing people to use the raw materials they ate throughout the day, increase mitochondrial energy output, and repair muscle tissues, injury and any damage done to the immune system.

Solidification - Learning information doesn't happen while reading a textbook or going through a program. In fact, almost 50% of all learning happens during sleep as your brain reinforces what you have learned (both information and skills) throughout the day.

Energy Conservation - By resting at night our ancestors didn't use the energy they couldn't get back. When dieting or trying to lose weight it only makes sense to conserve energy, so one isn't hungry or fighting for food they can't have the next day.

These three reasons have been put to the test by many of my clients:

Here’s what Tyler Brinks had to say:

"Using the Hormonal Sleep Solution turned my night around. I'm a runner who averages 60-70 mile weeks, and that puts a lot of stress on the mind and body. So much in fact that it wasn't allowing me to get good sleep and going on a long run with 4 hours of sleep sucks. Austin not only helped me fix my sleep but ended up helping me cut down my run times as well!"

The Hormonal Sleep Solution

It’s time I finally reveal the program that you have been waiting for.

The Hormonal Sleep Solution is the definitive guide to helping you master your night to take back your day.

And here’s the thing.

If you buy today, you not only get the Hormonal Sleep Solution but a few bonuses that I want to through in.

The Hormonal Sleep Solution Main Guide

  • Figure Out What You Need To Remove That Is Causing Your Sleep To Suffer
  • Learn The Specific Techniques To Add For Enhanced Sleep
  • Use The Sleep-Hormone Hierarchy of IMprotance for optimal Sleep quality
  • Get the Full 8-Week Course Laid Out For Your Success

The Hormonal Sleep Solution Cheat Sheet

  • Ensure that You Are On Track With This Cheatsheet
  • A Simplified Version of The Main Guide Ready To Be Printed Out and Used At Your Disposal

The Hormonal Sleep-Exercise Optimization Guide

  • What Type of Exercise Influences The Perfect Night’s Sleep?
  • How Often You Should Exercise For Great Sleep
  • The Times of the Day’s That Influence Amazing Sleep

The Lifestyle Sleep Guide

  • The Ultimate Way To Stay Social and Have A Life While Optimizing or Improving Sleep
  • Your Protocol For Drinking and Optimizing Sleep
  • A simple Step-by-Step Guidelines for Social Settings and Sleep

The Hormonal Sleep Solution Resources

  • Learn Exactly The Technology That I Use
  • Easily Find All Resources and Studies Mentioned Throughout The Course

This is just a fraction of the value that you truly get when you start using the Hormonal Sleep Solution.

Although, I don’t want to lie.

This deal (the main guide + all the bonuses for free) is not going to last forever, and I don’t want you to miss out.

So enroll now!

If you're still not convinced don't worry, I will make a guarantee with you.

If at any point you are unsatisfied with this program and truly don't like the results that you are seeing, then feel free to return the program, and I will personally give you your money back within 60 days.

That means this is technically risk-free.

And even better is that when you break it down, for just $.83 a day.

That’s it to improve your sleep in eight weeks you are only paying $.83 a day something that you will make back 10x over (probably within the first week or two) using these strategies that give you what feels like unlimited energy.

Again, let’s get you started today because no one ever became successful by waiting.

Warning Results May Scare You. If you don't want unlimited energy, the ability to get into deep, restful sleep when needed, and the know how to take control of your sleep, then do not purchase this program.

I don't want you to be scared by the results, especially when you notice them in just DAYS

And if you still aren’t convinced here’s what one more of my clients had to say…

"Wow. I mean just wow. I really couldn't believe that by adding in just 2 actions out of this program (in the first week) that I would feel how I do. I was always the person to wake up and have no energy; I would mosey to the kitchen make a cup of coffee and ride off that all day long. After using these protocols, it's like the light switch was turned on and my body started producing its coffee. Thanks, Austin"

-Adam Goodman from Michigan.

Just to remind you before you leave this fantastic offer behind forever, this deal and these bonuses won't last.

In fact, I don't know when they will be gone, but it isn't going to be too long before this offer is changed.

Make sure you get your program today and start revolutionizing your sleep today.

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Austin Floyd
Austin Floyd

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